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This community is essentially a joint fanfic journal for amethyst_j, bingblot, jacyevans, kyc639; and former writers goldy_dollar, scribooty, nardaviel, airiviel, and cerulean_sky. Every Monday a fic will be posted by one of us, generally Harry Potter related.

You're welcome to join the community, or watch it, or do anything of that nature, but only the six of us will be allowed posting access. There are practical reasons to this that we're sure you can discern on your own. So please don't ask for posting access. Thanks! :)

That said, any and all characters in said fanfiction do not belong to us. So please to not be suing us. Thank you!


A last note from the Authors:
We love feedback. We love hearing that you've read what we wrote, and that you liked it ( or, conceivably that you didn't like it, but we'd rather you liked it ). So if you read it, leave a comment! Also, if you liked it, friend us and tell your friends about us. We want as many people as possible to read what we're writing because we want to share the love. Really we do! So, in order to keep our spirits up, friend, read, comment, and rec.. It's that simple.

Thanks to all our readers, and to the people who are reccing us.

~The Authors


| W R I T E R | P R O F I L E S |


Amethyst writes fanfiction, fanfiction, and more fanfiction, usually in the Harry Potter fandom. She's notoriously obsessed with Harry/Hermione and her fanfiction usually revolves around romance. She also ships Draco/Ginny and Ron/Luna and dabbles into the realm of slash occasionally.

Website: http://www.thespellbook.cjb.net
If you'd like to contact Amethyst, you can e-mail her at amethystjackson@hotmail.com


Bingblot spends way too much time thinking about Harry Potter and Harry/Hermione specifically, either reading or writing fanfiction, mostly H/Hr. She satisfies her love of romance by writing H/Hr fics- and occasionally dabbles in Lily/James, Ron/Luna and Draco/Ginny.


scribooty is a person who claims to be anti-romance, and yet reads ridiculously-romantically-fluffy-angsty-and-smutty fanfic. Therefore, she is clearly irrational and should be avoided at all costs. But if you do ever meet her, laugh at her jokes and tell her she's funny while slowly backing away. It would also be prudent to wave a bottle of gin back and forth in front of her face. Then drop it and run like hell.


Jacy is way too obsessed with Harry Potter for her own good, and spends a good deal of time reading and writing fanfiction. Her OTP is Harry/Hermione, but she also ships Harry/Ron/Hermione and Draco/Ginny, among others. She is also fairly obsessed with Buffy, and is trying to get back to her fanfic roots - BtVS/HP crossovers.

You can find her writings here - aseagulliniowa


Goldy spends way more time than she should writing Harry/Hermione fanfiction. She likes to claim she'll branch out one of these days even though she never will. As a guilty pleasure, she'll read other Harry slash pairings and highly enjoys trio fic. She has an unashamed crush on Harry and tends to favour his POV.

Her fanfiction yahoo group can be found at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/immortal_beloved


Nardaviel reads fanfiction obsessively in several fandoms, most notably Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Lord of the Rings RPS, and whatever her current obsession happens to be. If you know her at all, you are aware that she is a complete and total slasher, but when she does read or write het, it's generally Harry/Hermione. She places the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of Amethyst. She prides herself on her ability to read pretty much any pairing without vomiting, and is a fan of nearly every slash ship in her chosen fandoms. She mainly writes poetry, but intends to focus more on fanfiction in the near future.

Her writing can be found at believeinthesun.
She can be contacted at nardaviel [at] aol [dot] com.


Airiviel is both an avid reader and writer who particularly enjoys slash. She is completely obsessed with Draco/Harry, but also enthusiastically supports Harry/Hermione. (That's not to say that those are the only ships she enjoys reading and writing.) Almost all of her fanfiction/fanart work centers around Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. She also co-writes for Kirwan Collaborations.

Website: http://www.airiviel.vze.com
You can contact her by sending an email to airiviel@hotmail.com.


Sky is a writer of fantasy who dabbles occasionally (though more and more these days) in writing fanfiction. She reads fanfiction of many fandoms, and writes for some of them as well, but most of it centers around Harry Potter. She writes (as well as reads) mostly slash stories. She also co-writes for Kirwan Collaborations.

If you particularly feel like reading Sky's fantasy writing, you can find it at http://www.laloi.net
You can go to her journal and read the fanfiction she writes there, all of which is here.

You can contact Sky by sending her an email to sky [at] laloi [dot] net.

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